The Flux brand represents being able to “control the flow” and all of the changes we go through in life. Inspired by the dream to unite people through fashion and comfortable clothing, FluxCTF was officially established in the New Jersey area in 2016, selling a variety of casual urban apparel for all seasons.

Why “FluxCTF”?

In life, we encounter obstacles everyday that we must overcome. To do so, one must not be stagnant when confronted with such situations. You must control the flow of life, live in the moment, and continue on your path to success. Because we all have one.

And the Butterfly logo?

Have you ever seen a butterfly …well, fly? It’s weird right? It doesn’t fly straight, it flies in an erratic pattern that allows it to evade and make harder for any would-be predators to predict its flight pattern.

With Flux clothing we hope to inspire each and every one of our customers to take control of what’s in front of them and to flow through life with elegance, swiftness, and mastery.